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Special Brave Frontier vortex dungeons for light and dark totems today only


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

So like, you know, capturing light and dark totems in Brave Frontier is a huge pain in the arse. Unless the RNG gods are in your favor, you may never see these two. Or, if you have my luck, you just get light totems and never dark ones. Well no more! Two special vortex dungeons have appeared today and will last for today only.

For 30 stamina, you can run the dark or light totem dungeon with a 100% chance to get the totem you want. No more RNG luck. Not today at least. In case you’re wondering, the other elements have a chance to invade like the light and dark ones do normally. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up some extra fire totems along the way? Just how lucky / prepared are you?

Best of luck! Manage dat energy!

Tags: Brave Frontier, event

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