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See kids react to the original Game Boy


Posted by: Austin Wood

Youtuber TheFineBros and their popular Kids React series recently introduced a new generation to the progenitor of handheld gaming: The original Nintendo Game Boy.

The kids range from age 7 to age 13, with a median age of 10, but most show similar reactions to the little fossil. After struggling with the insertion and concept of the Tetris cartridge, most of the kids are at least able to play the handheld. However, virtually none of them were able to come to grips with its colossal accessories.

Surprisingly, even the younger generation doesn’t completely ostracize the handheld. One kid even pays it the respect it deserves, calling it “the grandfather” of mobile and handheld gaming. 

...shortly before another rightly declares she’s off to play her iPad.

[via Eurogamer]

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