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The Sibyl Sister Eliza makes her frosty return to Brave Frontier


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

The archetype “ice queen” has never been more prevalent than it is with Brave Frontier’s Sibyl Sister Eliza. It’s even more fitting that she is water and dark unit. Eliza has long given up on humans and views them as vermin to be slaughtered and not trusted. Who better to capture and force to work on your team – 'am I right?

This icy beaut has a leadership ability of 50% increased damage to ice and dark types in her five star form. Eliza’s brave burst hails down a 9 hit combo that counts as both water and dark damage which has a high chance to poison. Everyone likes a bit of damage over time damage every now and then.

Best of luck capturing her this time around; Eliza is frosty, slippery, and evasive.   

Tags: Brave Frontier, event

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