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The second Trial is coming July to Brave Frontier; Grah and a Estia mixed with Xenon combo?


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

For those who have been waiting diligently for the second Trial in Brave Frontier, you only need to wait a few more days. Sometimes during July, the event which got you Karl can now get you two new characters. The information is hazy, but I assume Gumi will soon reveal it. From what I understand, this isn’t replacing the Karl event, but coming after instead.

In the tease photo, there are two shadow figures with the text “Coming This July!” the top figure has to be a character named Grah. If you look below at the shadow and then the image, Grah could easily be placed over that shadow. The second shadow is less obvious, but to me, it looks like Estia on the back of Xenon. Story wise, he did carry her to the Cursed Tower. The teaser image also says “And what evil lurks within the Unholy Tower?” On top of all that, the last Unholy Tower event mentioned that for the next phase, you will need BOTH Estia and Xenon. So… I’d say it is all coming together.  

Coming July


Keep an eye out for updates and lets just wait and see what Brave Frontier is up to.

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