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Someone has made a portable GameCube and it's beautiful


Posted by: Jake Valentine

I remember looking at fake mock-ups of the next Game Boy back in high school. A popular image showcased what essentialy amounted to a portal GameCube system, often running F-Zero GX. Sadly, the F-Zero franchise hasn't seen a release in wayyyy too long and that really cool Game Boy never saw the light of day; the DS line is now Nintendo's handheld of choice.

That hasn't stopped one person from living the dream. An extremely dedicated gamer form the Netherlands spent the past two years working on creating a working portable GameCube.

The device was creating by essentially taking apart an Atari Lynx 2, modding the shell to give it a familiar GameCube look and equip it with a proper controller layout, and gutting a GameCube console before re-assembling the hardware inside the former Lynx shell.

Jealous? This wonderful machine can be yours for the low low price of $1350. 

So, can anyone loan me about $1500? I'd totally love you forever.

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