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Conan O'Brien cluelessly roams E3 2014


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Late night television host Conan O'Brien, better known in the gaming community as the "Clueless Gamer," attended trolled E3 2014 last week. As you would expect, his reaction to seeing the abundance of games presented was hilarious.

From Sunset Overdrive to "Kevin Spacey in Your Face" (aka Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare), Conan was treated to a first-hand look at all of the upcoming games. If you're looking for well-though out analysis on the future of video games, then Conan probably isn't your best source. But the Clueless Gamer is worth a few laughs.

If you enjoyed the video, I suggest checking out Conan's adventures at last year's E3. Seeing his reaction to the Xbox One and PS4 is priceless.

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