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Destiny’s PS4 control schemes revealed


Posted by: Austin Wood

With Destiny now in open beta, feedback is beginning to pour in. And thanks to some screenshots from DualShockers, we’ve gotten our first look at the online shooter’s controls and alternates.

Destiny plays similarly to most modern shooters, with the standout inputs being L2 and R2’s use as aim and shoot, respectively, whereas L1 and R1 are more often used. The use of L1 and R1 together to activate your class’ special ability is a unique addition as well, but necessary given the game’s class structure.

Alternate control schemes never change the use of L2 and R2, which may become a sticking point for some FPS die-hards, but they are inverted in some variants (instead using R2 to aim and L2 to shoot). The bigger changes are assigned to the face buttons, with some schemes going so far as to assign basic functions to R1 and L1 while mapping the special ability to X or the like.

Destiny will release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One this September, and is included in the Glacier White PS4 bundle

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