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E3 2014: Sonic is looking a little wonky in Sonic Boom’s new trailer


Posted by: Austin Wood

Nintendo today released a new trailer for Sonic Boom, the latest game that the company’s partnership with SEGA has yielded.

Big Red Button CEO Bob Rafei filled us in on Sonic Boom back in March, saying that the developer’s goal for combat “was to allow player expression via character selection and ability to engage enemies.”

“We wanted to enhance how players can engage enemies through different character abilities,” Rafei told GameZone. “These are some really fun characters! We’re excited to allow all four, not just Sonic, more center stage in combat and navigation.”

Big Red Button also promised updates on the game’s co-op play and its use of Wii U’s unique features to come at E3 2014, so we’ve got plenty of Sonic news to look forward to. In the meantime, enjoy the game’s latest trailer and try not to giggle at Sonic’s brow.  

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