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E3 2014: Final Fantasy Type-0 coming to PS4 and Xbox One, not the PS Vita


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Sweet golden Chocobo! This was an announcement I never expected! For years, fans have been asking, no, begging Square Enix to localize Final Fantasy Type-0 for the PS Vita, since the game only came out in Japan on PSP in 2011.

This is apparently one of the greatest Final Fantasy games, and yet, Square for some reason or another never decided to port this game over. It became so widely wanted, that fans have even started a fan translation of the game, that would patch over the files of the game. Alas, that project hasn't been finished yet, and it looks like it won't need to anymore.

Square has officially announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 will be coming to both next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The voice of our Western fans was instrumental in the development of Final Fantasy Type-0, and we’re very excited to release this title soon,” said the games director, Hajime Tabata, in a press release. “The new PlayStation 4 system and Xbox One gaming and entertainment platform have really helped to re-envision this dynamic and turbulent world of Orience.

I couldn't be happier about this news, but there are a lot of fans who feel like Square has just spit in their face and walked away laughing. You see, not everyone has a next-gen console, or was even planning on buying one. Those fans who eagerly wanted Square to translate the game, wanted to see it on their handheld.

Nevertheless, the game is coming. Square didn't say when, or for how much.

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