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E3 2014: New The Sims 4 trailer takes you into the day of a bro


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

In Sims 4, you’ll have smarter Sims. When you make your characters, you’ll give them personality traits that will affect how they they interact with the neighborhood and other characters. Will they fit well or be complete a-holes? That’s for you decide. If you don’t like your characters, download those made by others players, straight into your game.

In this trailer, you’ll see a bro try to recite poetry to his elderly grandmother. It is so bad, that she beats the crap out of him. This, of course, being a bro, puts him into a bad mood. What’s his answer? Going to the gym. Here he works out harder than ever to take out that aggression. To feel better, he throws a huge neighborhood party. All is well until the neighbor returns picking fights. By bringing in another player’s character, Princess, everything returns to normal. That is, until he dies from laughing.

The end. Enjoy.

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