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Harmonix unveils release date for Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved


Posted by: Mike Splechta

I'm excited for Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, but admittedly, this trailer didn't do it for me. Maybe it was the weird cuts between the different activities. But if there is one aspect of the trailer that has me excited, it's the release date. It's been a long time coming too and Harmonix finally unveiled that the game will be available on October 21st for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

So what can you do in Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved? Besides the core game of conducting and remixing popular songs, you'll also travel to various themed worlds and make some music of your own, using the world's inhabitants, as is visible in the beginning of this trailer.

Thankfully, Harmonix are masters at creating sublime music/rhythm games, so I'm not worried about Fantasia's gameplay. I'm more worried whether I can wait until October...

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