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Don't Starve: Giant Edition announced for PS Vita


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Klei Entertainment has announced that sometime in the future, Don't Starve will arrive on PlayStation Vita. Officially, the PS Vita version will be called Don't Starve: Giant Edition and, as the name suggests, will include the original Don't Starve and its Reign of Giants expansion.

Don't Starve: Giant Edition on Vita will include all of the updates currently released on PC and PS4, including the multi-leveled caves update and the discoverable "Adventure Mode." The inclusion of Reign of Giants means you'll have access to the original nine characters plus the two new additions: Wigfrid, a stage actress who went a bit too far with method acting on her latest role as an ancient Valkyrie, and Webber, a young boy who lives inside of the spider who tried to eat him long ago. It'll also include new seasonal challenges, procedurally-generated biomes with new creatures and gatherables, and giants.

The game has been optimized for the Vita's touch features, which means navigation for menus, maps, items, and crafting are all touch-friendly. Alternatively, you can use the classic button navigation.

Unfortunately, Klei Entertainment doesn't yet have a release date for Don't Starve: Giant Edition. Meanwhile, the developer is also working on "the final steps" to bring the Reign of Giants expansion to PS4.

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