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Ubisoft talks Valiant Hearts: The Great War gameplay


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is an upcoming puzzle-adventure game, but most of what Ubisoft has shown us to date has been centered on the game's emotional story, which is set during World War I and follows five different characters. Valiant Hearts is all about attempting to share the experience of World War I with a younger generation who may not be as familiar with the deadly conflict, also known as the "Great War." Gameplay will help Ubisoft achieve this goal, but Ubisoft emphasizes that gameplay is designed to help express the narrative.

"It's not a war game, it's a game about war through which we experience the World War I period," explains lead designer Julien Chevallier. Today's video, the second in the series of Valient Hearts dev diaries, discusses this concept of using gameplay to aid the game's narrative. Check out last month's dev diary in which Ubisoft talks about how they use art to also help tell an emotional story.

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