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Super Smash Bros. has a transformable Mushroom Kingdom stage from New Super Mario Bros. U


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Nintendo's upcoming brawler Super Smash Bros. will have a stage based on the Mushroom Kingdom from Wii U game New Super Smash Bros. U. Game director Masahiro Sakurai took to Miiverse today to reveal the new stage, called Mushroom Kingdom U. He posted multiple images of the Wii U stage, along with a brief description of how it will function.

The Mushroom Kingdom U stage will have at least two variations, and will transform drastically when Kamek casts a spell. You can see the before and after pictures attached. Sakurai was quick to point out that the two variations are the limit of the transformation. "This is not what you would call a moving stage," Sakurai said. For that, you might want to check out the 3DS exclusive Super Mario 3D Land stage.

Sakurai added that the Mushroom Kingdom U stage will be playable at E3 2014 next week and at Best Buy stores across the United States. It's unclear if this level will be available for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros., but the screenshots specifically show the Wii U version. Also, given the name of the stage, I'm guessing it'll be Wii U exclusive.

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