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Nintendo introduces YouTube affiliate program


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Looking to come to amends with YouTube personalities, Nintendo has revealed a new affiliate program that will allow revenues from video advertising to be split between the Nintendo, the video creator, and Google.

Last year, Nintendo faced widespread condemnation following its content ID match claims against videos in which its games were being played. As a result, many content creators no longer received revenues for their work. Under the new plan, not only will video creators get paid, but so will Nintendo. We all win, right?

It's unclear exactly how revenues will be split, but Nintendo says pre-roll ads will sometimes be shown in front of these videos. Of course, user's will first need Nintendo's permission to upload the videos.

It's not exactly the setup many of us were probably hoping for, but it at least signals a step in the right direction. If anything, it shows that Nintendo is willing to revisit its stance on YouTube videos featuring its games.

[Twitter via Develop]

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