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Vote for your favorite Brave Frontier character for a possible higher drop rate this weekend


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Everyone has those characters in Brave Frontier that you always wish you had or that would be perfect for your team. For example, I have a pretty rad all fire time except I don’t have any sort of healer. If I only had the cooking waifu Lancia – the world would be perfect. So yea, I voted for Lancia. Who will YOU vote for?

The idea behind this is you vote, Gumi does the maths, and the top three characters get an increased drop rate for this upcoming weekend. The three most liked characters win. Voting is going on now to tomorrow. The higher rate for the three winners will be going on from May 23rd at 17:00 PST to May 25th at 16:59 PST.

Best of luck with the votes and getting the characters you want! The runner ups right now are:

  • Elimo
  • Loch
  • Lancia (vote Lancia)

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