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How would Pokemon look in real life? Freakin’ terrifying, actually


Posted by: Austin Wood

Pokemon have cropped up quite a bit recently, what with full remakes of Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and spin-off title Pokemon Art Academy being announced for 3DS. Those are nice and all, but Nintendo’s going to have to pull out some serious heavy hitters to compete with artist RJ Palmer and his growing collection of realistic (read: nightmarish) Pokemon.  

His most recent work shows a distinctly aquatic Lugia stalking a coral reef inhabited by a very unfortunate Seadra, but Palmer has drawn many Pokemon to life already. His Tyrantrum rendition, both living and fossilized, is something to see, as is the gigantic insect horror that is Giratina. Second-generation starters have seen some love as well: the Meganium family comes to life as titanic turtles, and “bipedal crocodile” has been taken to the extreme with Feraligatr.

To see more of Palmer’s work, be sure to check out his DeviantArt page and blog. You can also buy his works here if, for example, you want to give your kids nightmares. 


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