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Have you been logging into WildStar’s open beta every day for your Boom Boxes?


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

If you somehow haven’t been aware, WildStar’s open beta is going on. So before continuing with this article, get that account and download started. Now that we’re on the same page – Boom Boxes. These darling little devices have wonderful prizes inside of them. These gifts include mounts, items, costumes, XP, and decorations for housing. So yea, pretty sweet.

You’ll get three boxes a day by just logging in everyday – that’s it. That’s right, I said THREE boxes a day. You won’t notice are see said boxes, but the game knows. You won’t receive these bad boys until the game goes live and you make your first character. Don’t believe me, check out the video playing above. This is only good until May 18th, squeeze them in while you can. Confirmed.    

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