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The Elder Scrolls Online will finally get the ability to steal and kill NPCs


Posted by: Jake Valentine

You honestly couldn't fault The Elder Scrolls Online for launching without the ability to steal from/kill NPCs. The game takes place in a persistent online world; the amount of trolling this would create would be unbearable. Yet here we are with word that developer Zenimax Online Studios is set to do just that.

Referred to as the "justice system," players will be able to both steal from and kill NPCs. As you could imagine, there will be incredibly strict actions taken against them should they be caught. It'll be intersting to see what measures (if any) are taken to prevent players from killing important NPCs. I imagine that some, such as quest givers, will be unkillable.

In addition, Zenimax confirmed that new quests and stories are being worked on, including both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood.

There is currently no timetable on the relase for any of these features. 


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