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Brave Frontier’s Gun Goddess of the Tides crashes Maiden Serin upon the shore


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

The next Battle Maiden is here! Like, right now here. Maiden Serin has crawled out of the sea and she bows to no man – not even gods. This Brave Frontier lady packs a chain gun named Vequa and she’s all sorts of ready to get her revenge upon the lands of Grand Gaia. This blue bomber packs a chain gun, a CHAIN GUN.

She’s currently live and will be so until May 10th at 23:59 PST. She part of a vortex event and by no means is a 100% drop rate, so prepare to farm. Straight form fire, to ice. Look previous Battle Maidens, she has three tiers you can hope to pick her up from. Each tier having a different state of her existence: Maiden Serin, Gun Lady Serin, and Gun Goddess Serin. Her leader skill boosts the attack power of water types by 25% at her lowest form and 50% at her highest.

Best of luck in your endeavor in grabbing her and her ruby ducky. Check out her intro video above.

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