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The Flaming Rocket of Justice: Maiden Cayena makes her Brave Frontier debut


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Have you been looking for a new Fire Elemental troop for one of your Brave Frontier teams? How about an all fire team? Don’t have or don’t feel like evolving Vargas to his new possibilities? Your only logical issue is getting Maiden Cayena to your roster.

This GIANT rocket launcher (she named it Feurig) wielding lady starts at three stars, costs 6, does 5 attacks (offensive) with her on use ability, and adds 25% fire damage with her leader skill. Not too shabby if you ask me. She’ll only be available through the Flaming Rocket of Justice Event going on from now to Friday May 2nd. Remember, she’ not by any means a guaranteed drop so prepare to grind like hell to get her. Personally, I love her art.

Flaming Rocket

Here is her backstory:

A mercenary from another world, she comes from a proud lineage of soldiers who fought only for righteous purposes. She uses her rocket launcher, Feurig, bequeathed to her by her superiors, to bring swift, fiery justice against the wicked. Upon learning of the callous gods in Grand Gaia, she joined the Battle Maidens to end their reign.

Best of luck in trying to obtain her!

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