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MLB 14 The Show PS4 Dev Diary: Dynamic cameras add new perspective and excitement to the game


Posted by: Matt Liebl

As we inch closer to the release of MLB 14 The Show on PS4, Sony San Diego is continuing to highlight some of the improvements in this year's installment. Last week, the game's community manager, Ramone Russell, discussed the changes made to fielding fly balls with the dynamic fielding marker. Today, he's back, and he's talking about the game's new dynamic cameras.

MLB 14 The Show's dynamic cameras are designed to add more perspective, action, and excitement to the game. Instead of the traditional medium and broadcast cameras used in past games, MLB 14 The Show uses a dynamic "ball-in-play" camera.

On offense, the new camera stays in the batter's box and transitions upward to show the hit, unlike past game's where the camera would zoom right onto the field after a hit. Not only does this add more perspective as a batter, but also brings a little more uncertainty on the flight path of the ball. When fielding, the camera tries to focus more on the action and uses different angles and transitions in a way that the old medium camera simply did not. 

Of course, like most things in The Show, these new camera angles are completely optional. At any point in the game you can switch back to the original medium cameras. And if that's the case, then simply enjoy the PS4 gameplay footage of MLB 14 The Show.

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