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Goat Simulator is getting splitscreen multiplayer


Posted by: Jake Valentine

As if the concept of Goat Simulator wasn't crazy enough, developer Coffee Stain Studios announced that patch 1.1 will offer splitscreen multiplayer. In addition, a new map, achievements, and goals will be made available. The DLC, which will arrive in mid May, won't cost you a penny. The decision on the price was made becuase Coffee Stain Studios knew that Goat Simulator was supported with Steamworks, they'd feel bad about releasing content people could just pick up for free. It's a win-win situation for everybody.

Regarding online multiplayer, the announcement stated that it wouldn't be happening.

As we've announced before, online multiplayer doesn't quite work with Goat Simulator since we can't sychronize the physics we're using across different computers.

Multiplayer goat action is a thing and I have no idea how I should feel about this.


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