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GTA 5 iFruit app now available on PS Vita


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Grand Theft Auto 5's iFruit companion app is now available for download on the PlayStation Vita. The app is modeled after the in-game phone -- which pokes fun at the iPhone -- and "hooks directly into your experience of Grand Theft Auto 5."

By downloading it, you can customize your cars and create license plates to be used in GTA 5's story campaign and GTA Online. It also lets you interact with Franklin's dog, Chop -- you can pet him, feed him, play fetch and tug-of-war, and even teach him tricks. Taking care of Chop properly will reflect in his behavior in GTA 5. For instance, he can be more helpful and responsive to Franklin, perform tricks, and sniff out the nearest hidden items when taking him for a walk in the game.

iFruit can be downloaded for free from the Sony Entertainment Network store.

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