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How about a humorous yet accurate summary of Dark Souls in an animated form?


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When a video fresh off the press is hilarious, about Dark Souls, and falls right into my lap… you KNOW I’m writing about it. YouTube user “PlagueOfGripes” make just this type of video. In his Dark Souls: in Summary piece, he accurately explains the backstory to Dark Souls. It’s easy to miss the lore and story when playing the game, but it’s out there. Between the opening cinematic, atmosphere and environmental hints, NPC locations, NPC conversations, and description on items… there is a whole story there; you just need to look for it.

Dark Souls: in Summary is both animated and hilarious. Sure the storytelling is exaggerated but it’s done for the sake of comedy. The whole bit with the Primordial Serpents really got to me. Well done sir, my hat’s off to you. Check out the video below! 

Tags: Dark Souls II, culture

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