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Dev diary looks into the darker intentions of Dark Souls 2


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Appearing today on CVG, is a brand new developer diary video titled ‘Dark Intentions.’ The ‘heart-wrenching experience’ is all part of From Software’s strategy to give their players a stronger sense of accomplishment in Dark Souls II. Other than this feeling, the devs want players to truly feel that loose connection they have with other players; these players that go out of their way to either make the experience far easier or far more difficult for other players.

The environments exist to tell a chunk of the Dark Souls story. What the scenery looks like, what NPCs are there, what monsters are there are all relaying a certain message to the player. The environments tell a direct tale to the player like they are an NPC themself. If the sceneary can make a emotional connection and reaction from the players, then the developers know that they have made it interesting for the players.

Actor Peter Serafinowicz goes as far to say that “It’s just the most enjoyable experience I’ve had playing video games to the point that it’s ruined other video games for me.” This is a powerful statement that has a ton of weight to it. Sure loving the ‘Souls’ franchise gives me a slight bias, but just how often are games compared to Dark Souls now a days? How many games are the Dark Souls of 'enter genre here?'

Check out the video above! 


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