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Saulden was right in pages 15 & 16 of Dark Souls II: Into the Light


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Acclaimed authors Rob Williams and Andi Ewington write the Dark Souls II: Into the Light comic while the art is provided by Simon Coleby. Every Wednesday, two new pages of the comic are digitally released via the Dark Souls Facebook page.  In Europe, preordering the collector’s edition will get you a physical copy of said comic. As of now, there hasn’t been an announced alternative way to get it.

In this week's snippet, our steadfast knight begins to doubt himself further. He comes to the conclusion that Saulden’s advice was something he should have taken to heart and not simply ignored. Our knight loses hope and flees the beast in front of him. Usually motivated by glory, our knight fears death and just wants to live. Yet… while running from the beast a phantom appears before him. Will it be a white phantom or an invader? Hope or death?

If you missed last week’s comic, catch up NOW!



Tags: Dark Souls II, culture

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