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Dark Souls 2’s Hollow Lullaby Trailer does not comfort me


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

“This isn’t about death,” THE HELL IT ISN’T! Nah, the announcer in this trailer nailed the heart of Dark Souls II pretty damn well. The game is absolutely about learning what you can from death. People often say you learn from doing good, I always believe you learn from making mistakes. As someone who is a huge fan of the ‘Souls’ series, I can easily say there is a lot of mistakes to be had – most involving deaths. Boom, full circle.

While I’m excited as hell for Dark Souls II, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of footage from the game. The first half of the video is all from Dark Souls promotions and cut scenes. Granted, the red drake fight from DSII looks pretty freaking sweet. Check out this damn trailer above already.

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