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Total War: Rome 2 Beasts of War Pack DLC allows catapults to launch beehives


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Look, I totally get that you just don’t want to defeat your enemies; you want to completely embarrass them. Sort of a whole Third Punic War thing going on. I get it. So… if that’s the case, why wouldn’t you want to send beasts of war at your foes? The answer is, you absolutely want to do that.

With Total War: Rome 2’s Beasts of War Pack DLC, you’ll gain control over such weapons as snake pots, beehive catapults, scorpion ballista, various types of attack dogs, armored camel cataphract, and of course Syrian elephants. All of this can be yours for $2.99 via Steam today. Check out the trailer above.

Tags: Total War: ROME 2

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