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Successor to classic puzzler Chip's Challenge coming to Steam

Creator Chuck Sommerville is bringing the follow-up to his late '80s puzzle game, Chip's Challenge, into 3D.

Chuck's Challenge 3D is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux this month for $10 on Steam. It stars the very same middle-aged designer, who is a puzzle-making slave for an intergalactic creature. Woop, as he's called, is somewhat of a puzzle nut and personally enjoys solving the 125 levels that Sommerville creates for him. Players can make and share their own, too, via a level editor.

This is the "definitive" version of mobile title Chuck's Challenge, the successor to old Atari Lynx game Chip's Challenge, a top-down, tile-based puzzle that had players navigating mazes, evading enemies, and pushing blocks as a timer ticked down.

Niffler developed Chuck's Challenge 3D with Sommerville, and Nkidu Games is publishing. The former team raised around $13,000 in crowdfunding for the game on Kickstarter two years ago.

Chuck's Challenge 3D is also on Google Play.

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