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Here’s 17 sneaky minutes of Thief gameplay on the Lockdown map


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Have you been waiting for your opportunity to watch Garrett stealth around in action for a long period of time? How does seven minutes of pure Thief action sound? Eidos has decided that it’s time to show their fans a huge slice of gameplay. In this clip, Garrett will sneak his way through the ‘Lockdown’ mission. Through classic water arrows and pickpocketing, the opportunist slips his way through the urban sprawl.

This is going to sound like a ‘duh’ sort of comment, but I love how Garrett really is a thief. The game gives off the appearance of truly being around thievery and not violence. The player uses the environment to his advantage to maneuver, pickpocket, pick locks, find safes, open drawers, and loot everything possible in his path. Check out the seventeen minutes above and make your own opinion about this Thief gameplay. Get your own grubby hands on it next Tuesday, February 25.

Tags: Thief

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