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Velocity 2X is looking darn good on both the PS4 and Vita


Posted by: Matt Liebl

First came screenshots of FuturLab's Velocity 2X. Now we have a brand new video showing off alpha footage of the sci-fi platformer and shoot em-up, coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita.

"It’s starting to look the part, but there’s still a lot to do. The major thing left to do is improve the animation on the player character Lt. Kai Tana. We’re working on that right now," says FuturLab managing director James Marsden.

In addition tot he new video, FuturLab has posted even more images, showing off the unique art style of the game.

"Artistically speaking, we wanted Velocity 2X to be the spiritual successor to Flashback (and indeed Another World), and also to create a level of atmosphere and production value that is rarely seen in 2D games," explains Marsden. "Despite being a small team of 10 (only three of which are artists), we set ourselves the ambitious challenge of reaching the kind of visual fidelity that makes people say 'oooh' and 'ahhh' and 'take my money!'."

Although Velocity 2X is coming to both PS4 and Vita, Marsden seemed keen on pushing the version for Sony's handheld. On the PS Blog he mentions that the studio has achieved and surpassed the PS4 benchmark on the Vita, adding in numerous high-end effects like particle explosions, dynamic environment lighting, and light refraction.

"If you don’t have a PS Vita, we want Velocity 2X to help convince you to pick one up. Why? We absolutely love the system. Pure and simple, it’s the best handheld ever, and that’s something I hear people saying more and more as time goes on – because it’s simply true," Marsden concludes.

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