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Bravely Default's Gameplay Trailer features the finer quirks of the game


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

With all of these mini trailers coming out recently for Bravely Default, it only makes sense that Nintendo releases a more massive one for the fans. In this ‘Gameplay Trailer,’ features of the game are highlighted and brought to light:

  • Default: option to save attacks for later,
  • Brave: to go ham on opponents
  • Streetpass to rebuild Norende to access powerful items and weapons
  • Summon: tagged players to help you out in pinch
  • Sleep Points: access an extra round in combat
  • Adjust Encounters: perfect for grinding or blasting though storyline
  • Adjust difficulty: for when you just need it to be easier
  • Autosave: for when you need to stop

The wait will be over Friday February 7th. We’re so close America, so close.

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