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You can actually buy the Jurassic Park Velociraptor cage


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Remember the opening scene in Jurassic Park? The one where they are transporting the Velociraptor and sh*t goes totally wrong resulting in Muldoon yelling "Shoot her!" Well that very same cage is now available for auction on eBay.

That's right, win the bid and you can own the lifesized crate that housed the Velociraptor in the 1993 original film -- complete with an actual full-sized Velociraptor prop. According to the eBay description this is the authentic, original prop used for the film. It's primarily wood with some metal/steel components and is estimated to weight several hundred to one thousand pounds. It does need some restoration, however. 

There are currently 153 bids with the most recent for $99,900.10. Worth it. And just because it's one of the most memorable opening sequences in film, here's the clip along with the cage you'd be bidding on.

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