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No split-screen multiplayer for Titanfall


Posted by: Matt Liebl

If you and a buddy want to play Titanfall together, you're going to new two Xbox One consoles as developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed the game will not feature split-screen multiplayer. It's an interesting decision given that the game's biggest competitor -- and king of the FPS genre -- Call of Duty usually allows for it.

Of course, split-screen is viewed by many to be a thing of the past which is why Respawn might have decided it wasn't worth their time to implement. As a relatively small studio perhaps they thought it best if they focus their efforts elsewhere, like on the actual gameplay -- which we learned earlier this month will be limited to 6-vs-6 matches with AI filling out the rest of the map. Don't worry, we aren't as pessimistic when it comes to the relatively small game size.

Although I've taken advantage of CoD's split-screen capabilities in the past, it's not something I can say will affect my decision in purchasing Titanfall. Does it suck that we are starting to see the end of split-screen, on-the-same-couch gameplay? Absolutely, but I think this will affect less people then some sites are making it out to be.

Look at it this way: these titans seem pretty big. Imagine how little screen space you'd have if playing in split-screen. Does Titanfall's lack of split-screen support affect your view of the game?

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