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League of Legends’ Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere skin is fit for a king


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Just when you think you got Tryndamere down, he always pops the f@#$ing ult. Always. It’s almost like it doesn’t even have a cooldown. You just have to bait it out and NEVER tower dive him if it could be up. Because Riot feels that Tryn doesn’t have enough skins, they made him a brand new awesome Lunar Revel skin - Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere.

League of Legends invites you to rock this new skin the moment the Lunar Revel begins. Throw down some RP and it can be yours. You’ll be spinning threw foes and putting chicken icons above their heads in no time. Best of luck out there – KING. After all, you are one of the 27 million playing every day, aren’t you? Check out the skin preview above.

Riot adds:

One story tells of his single-handed defense against an ambush on a narrow bridge. Green and gold armor aflame, rage fueled his rampage through the opposing ranks. Word spread from those lucky enough to survive, it's not the edge of his blade that kills you; it's the weight of the dragon riding it. 


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