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Lunar Goddess Diana to grace League of Legends soon


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

How can League of Legends have a Lunar Revel without tipping their hat to Diana – the character completely devoted to the moon? The answer is simple, they don’t. Diana is getting a brand new “Lunar Goddess” skin once the Lunar Revel falls upon us (which should be soon).

The skin is downright beautiful. Diana is wearing Roman-esque, flowing, priestess robes – which I totally dig. Her particle effects have a flower theme to them which fits the holiday perfectly. Definitely check out this skin and definitely purchase it if you’re a Diana player.

Riot adds this to her skin:

Prophecy tells of the lotus cycle, where the flower endures humble beginnings in mud and one day blooms in perfect beauty.

Facing fierce persecution at every turn, a woman toiled among the laborers, the weak and the broken. In the shell of an ancient lunar temple, she uncovered a crescent blade slung across golden armor inscribed with blown lotus petals. A soft voice sang when she grasped the hilt of the weapon, lilting with honest knowledge. She was struck by a vision of a warrior goddess wearing the gilded regalia. Stirred by the truth in the moon’s hymn, she lifted the sword.

Diana Comic

Side note: GameZone’s own Matt Liebl is now gold ranked. He’s rather “passionate” about this fact. Congratulate/mock him on Twitter: @Matt_GZ


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