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Angry Birds downloads cross 2 billion

Angry Birds, the famous bird-versus-pigs mobile game, has passed 2 billion downloads since its introduction in December 2009.

"Ok, we have 2 billion downloads, and it’s a good start," chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka of Angry Birds developer Rovio told Edge.

"That’s how we view it — it’s still early days on what can be done, and with the mass adoption of smartphones, you can also start creating new experiences. There are so many people walking around with a smart, connected touch devices that you can create experiences with that in mind and make it more social and more local. I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet."

Vesterbacka recalled that people once said he was crazy for thinking Angry Birds would reach 100 million downloads.

"Now there are lots of people with 100 million downloads. OK, we have 2 billion and that’s a crazy number, but it’s interesting to bear in mind that the numbers are so much bigger – 100 million is no longer exceptional, but still tough."

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