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Broken Age skips Steam Early Access and adopts season pass

Broken Age — aka the Kickstarter point-and-click game Double Fine Adventure — releases tomorrow for backers as Act 1, but developer Double Fine won't be delivering it to them via Steam Early Access.

“You may recall that at one point Broken Age was planned for release under the Steam Early Access program,” announced Double Fine in an update. “This is no longer the case.

"For various logistical reasons, and because we believe Act 1 is a polished and satisfying piece of content in its own right, Broken Age will be a standard Steam release that includes a 'Season Pass' granting access to Act 2 once it is complete. Anyone who has Act 1 — either by being a backer, or by buying the game separately — will receive Act 2 as a free update when it’s ready.”

Double Fine plans to announce the public launch date for Broken Age Act 1 tomorrow.

Via: Game Informer

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