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The Dark Souls Café is now open and grossly incandescent


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

“Praise the Sun!” I am blown away by the pictures I saw from the "Dark Souls Café" in Japan, blown away. When I first heard that this was opening I was excited, but I had that sort of reservation one gets when something is happening that seems like it came from the depths of your own mind but in all realism you fear it will be a travesty. I’ve never been happier for being wrong.

As someone who’s never been to Japan and has always dreamed of it, I’m easily adding the "Dark Souls Café" to the infinite list of things I would do there. Hell, I may even just pour an Estus on top of my head to get the full experience. From the trailers showing on the wall, soapstone messages on the floor, cosplay, a bonfire, and of course the themed food – this destination wouldn’t even be in question. That’s it, I have to go. I have to.

Ha ha ha ha...

Dark Souls Dining Room

Dark Souls Cafe Bonfire

[Photos from Famitsu]

Tags: Dark Souls II, culture

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