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League of Legends’ Snowdown Showdown brings Snow Day Singed, Winder Wonder Lulu, and Snowstrom Siver


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

With League of LegendsSnowdown Showdown now live, all of that good hearty murder needs some new yuletide skins to really bring in the festive spirit. Don’t you fret -- unless the Tribunal decided you are getting coal in your stockings this year, these three skins are available to summoners with the champions they are attached to. Want the skins but don’t own the champions? Simply unlock the character via IP or RP and BAM – now you can purchase the Snowdown skins.

The three characters that got into the holiday spirit this year are Singed, Lulu, and Sivir. Snow Day Singed comes packing a snow blower, icy sled, and proper attire to keep warm this holiday season. You better believe that his gas and ooze has been replaced with ice. The adorable Winter Wonder Lulu and her trusty Pix are decked out in the holiday spirit. Even Pix has been Transmogrified into a Poro – absolutely adorable. Then there's Snowstrom Sivir, normally the desert warrior, now dressed up for the cold. The battle mistress is packing a seriously dangerous snowflake to crush her foes with.

Don’t take my word for how great they look, check out the official Riot videos below. I apologize in advance for your wallets.   

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