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League of Legends reveals the champion spotlight for Yasuo: The Unforgiven


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Do you like mobility in your bruisers? Do like killing marksmen like they are nothing? Do you like initiating battles from far away and only during very specific circumstances?  Do you like characters with high skill caps? If this is you, League of Legends has the perfect character for you. Let me introduce you to a new champion named Yasuo: The Unforgiven.

No one has mastered this ancient wind blade technique in his generation, Yasuo wants to avenge his elder and won’t be satisfied until he does so. His technique allows him to strike frequently, dash through foes and minions, pop up foes with tornadoes, block projectiles, and devastate your foes with your ultimate sword technique – Last Breath.

You want to see him in action? Check out Riot’s champion spotlight for Yasuo below. Be a leaf on the wind.

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