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Have you SEEN Titanfall's new Ogre titan?


Posted by: Matt Liebl

If you didn't sit through Saturday's VGX, I don't blame you. You skipped some awkward, awful jokes. But you also missed out on the reveal of a brand new Titan in Respawn's upcoming online shooter Titanfall. Don't worry, we've got the trailer.

In addition to the new footage, Respawn has also provided us with an official description fo the Ogre, which is described as "the ultimate battle tank."

There are no two ways about it – the Ogre is engineered to be the ultimate battle tank (in titan’s clothing). Engineered to be the ultimate battle tank, the Ogre is capable of taking massive amounts of damage at the expense of agility.  As a consequence, the Ogre places a premium on its armor and offensive capabilities. When your mission demands maximum survivability, the Ogre is the only battle platform which consistently out-performs, out-shines, out-lasts and outlives everything else on the battlefield. 

Titanfall is due out on March 11, 2014 for Xbox and PC.

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