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Total War: Rome 2’s Caesar in Gaul DLC shown off in new Let's Play


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Sure sure, there may only be only four factions in Total War: Rome II’s newest campaign DLC, Caesar in Gaul, but did you know there are over 47 tribes that you’ll come across. This fact alone is a testiiment of not only how much detail Creative Assembly put into this DLC, but also just how much  was going on in this region at the time.

In the video below, you will find community team’s Joey Williams and campaign designer Dominique Starr talking about features found in Caesar in Gaul. What are these features? How about additions to tech trees and seasons? Mmhmm, as you play the campaign you have to keep seasons in mind. When winter comes, attrition kicks in and your armies will suffer – make sure they are somewhere safe.

Currently you can preorder this content and it will be released come December 12th for $14.99. Log on Steam and preorder today! 

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