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Disney Infinity reveals winners of the Toy Box "DuckTales Challenge"


Posted by: Lance Liebl

Disney Interactive released the winners of the "DuckTales Challenge" earlier today. The contest was for Toy Box creations that best capture the look of the popular series, DuckTales

Disney Infinity, which is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii and 3DS, combines characters from Walt Disney and Pixar's most popular franchises. Using real-world toy versions of these characters, players will be able to transport them into the game using the Infinity Base, and then play with them in virtual worlds of Monsters UniversityCars and more. The Toy Box mode lets players create their own worlds, games and adventures.

The five winning submissions for the DuckTales Challenge are:

  • Saving Scrooge: Find all the buttons hidden inside the Money Bins to open the Beagle Boys hideout. Then rescue Scrooge and take him to the castle.
  • Scrooge'd: One epic Duck Tales race track.
  • McDuck in Danger: Blast me bagpipes, Scrooge has been captured by robots! Find and rescue five Scrooges. Then a reward awaits near the stadium...
  • Safe Cracking: Scrooge has locked himself in his own money bin! Find the combination hidden in Duckburg and return Scrooge to his mansion.
  • Mega Gizmoduck: Blatherskite! Gyro's robot Armstrong has gone haywire... and grown giant! Save or destroy Duckburg in this 1v1 arena.

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