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You can get Battlefield 4 right now for $19.99


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Forget waiting until Amazon and GameStop reduce the price of Battlefield 4 to $25 for Black Friday. A new promo code allows you to get DICE's blockbuster shooter right now for just $19.99 through Origin.

EA is currently selling Battlefield 4 for $29.99, but by following the steps below (via SlickDeals) you can knock off another $10 and get it for cheaper than any retailer is offering this weekend. The promo involves relying on a $10 off coupon through DP Gamer

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Generate a $10 off coupon from DP Gamer.
  2. Enter one of the following codes, along with your email address:
    • 413M4D
    • 4712M9
    • 4912HA
    • 48VU64
    • 4979P3
    • 497D79
  3. Copy your unique code
  4. Click here to add Battlefield 4 to cart for $29.99 (through Origin)
  5. Proceed to checkout
  6. Enter copied promo code (the promo code box is located in your "Order Summary" box right below the contents of your order)
  7. Total will be $29.99 - $10 with your unique code = $19.99'

I have tested this deal myself and it does work. Enjoy and have a happy Thanksgiving! See you on the Battlefield!

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