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GTA Online gets in-game holiday weekend discounts


Posted by: Matt Liebl

While most developers and publishers are discounting various games in celebration of Thanksgiving, Rockstar Games is taking a different approach towards Black Friday. Rather than offer some sort of discount on tangible items like Grand Theft Auto 5 or some of its other titles, Rockstar is instead bringing Black Friday into the digital city of Los Santos in GTA Online.

Beginning Thursday, November 28th, and running until December 1st, a host of GTA Online items will be discounted for the holiday weekend. Below are the details:

Turkey Shoot

Targeting your elusive bounty for the holiday table shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.    

  • 50% Off “Hunting” Rifles: Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, Advanced Rifle, Heavy Sniper, Sniper Rifle    
  • 50% Off All Rifle Attachments     
  • 50% Off All Rifle Ammo 

Black Friday Sale 

Color-coded Discounts are the new black this season.    

  • 50% Off Select Black Colored Clothing & Accessories, including: jewelry, ties, shirts, vests, jeans, pants, board shorts, dresses, skirts, chinos, shoes, flip-flops, cargo pants, t-shirts, tracksuits, tank tops, hoodies, polo shirts, skate shoes, oxfords, boots, masks, ear defenders, hats, beanies, bandanas, helmets, glasses and much more.    
  • 50% Off Select Black Colored Vehicle Modifications: window tinting, black tire smoke, black license plates

Who says you need to fight the bustling crowds to get the best Black Friday deals? While I'm sure we'd all prefer a discount on buying GTA$ with real cash, this is a fun way to incorporate Black Friday.

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