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WildStar showcases the Stalker while hinting at a brand new class


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Let’s face it, every MMO has at least one stealth class. If you’re a hardcore PvPer, and not this class, you have provably loudly proclaimed colorful four letter words towards this class in the past. Well fret not, WildStar has this class as well – it goes by the fitting name of ‘stalker.’

In their newest DevSpeak video found above, you can watch the stalker class sneak, tank, and shred the unfortunate fools in its way. As the video says, think of this class as a combination of Batman, Wolverine, and Predator – yea, that about wraps it up.

Towards the end of the video, those crafty folk over at Carbine also “subtly” hint at another class not yet revealed. This class resurrects the Rowsdower killer from a fate even worth than death, then she runs away. So to reiterate, it’s some sort of healer class that is available to the human race. So… not a whole lot but hey, it’s something!

Check out the Stalker above, become paranoid, and get ganked a whole lot! 

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