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Blackguards' second chapter released today on Steam for early access players


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

As far as early access releases go, Blackguards is one of the most well put together and fun I’ve played. If you missed my preview for the game, take a moment to soak in my powerful experience with the first chapter of the game. For those unfamiliar, Blackguards is a strategic, turn based, RPG game from Daedalic Entertainment based in the table top world of 'The Dark Eye.'

As of today, chapter two has been released for those have bought the early access portion of the game. For those of you who already bought into early access, no additional purchases need to be made. As this chapter and all future chapters are released, you’ll receive them for free. Not in the early access program? This is easily remedied, simply buy Blackguards on Steam to get the first two chapters and all others as they are released.

The price is currently $24.99 which is a discount from the final release version down the line. Enjoy your unlawful ways -- in-game that is. 

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