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Spelunky Daily Challenges can now be played on PS3 and Vita

The deliciously difficult platformer Spelunky has been out on the PlayStation Network for a few months now, and creator Derek Yu and Blitworks, the company that handled the ports, have unleashed its first update.

Available for download now, the patch addresses some launch bugs, including one that causes slowdown ("probably the biggest issue," according to Yu) and another that prevents the unlocking of Trophies.

It also introduces Daily Challenges, a feature that Yu brought to the PC version in August, even before the game came to PlayStation 3 and Vita. This randomly generates a set of levels each day that everyone can play. So if you get a high score, you can see how you truly and actually compare to other players.

You only get one shot at the Daily each day, too, so it's a real test of skills.

Hopefully, this announcement means that these Challenges will be available on Xbox Live Arcade soon, too.

Via: PlayStation Blog

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